[rabbitmq-discuss] about rabbitmq best practice

Yin Chen subdragon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 08:25:07 GMT 2008

  I want to ask a question about the rabbitmq best practice. I just want an
end to end message queue that assure all the message delivered would be
handled by an consumer. I think I should declare an exchange on the consumer
end with auto_delete off and durable on, bind the exchange with a queue with
durable on and auto_delete off. On the publisher end I declare exchange with
passive on( prevent exchange name typo). But the question is that if
consumer is down, the message delivered by the publisher during the down
time can not be fetched by the consumer. And I found in this situation, even
with the basic publish function's mandatory and immediate both on, the java
client would keep silent and the python(amqplib) client would throw a
exception until the channel close. Does the server receive the message and
how should I consume the message after the consumer has restarted?
  Any comment or suggustion is welcome! Thanks!

Yin Chen
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