[rabbitmq-discuss] py-amqplib basic_consume

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 23:13:04 GMT 2008

> Actually, in your example you are using ...
>>   chan.basic_consume('toshred', no_ack=True, callback=consume)
> with the no_ack flag set to True. That causes messages to be
> automatically "self-acknowledged" by the server. In other words, as soon
> as the queue has sent them on their way they are removed from the queue
> and gone for good.

Ah, there's my problem; I thought no_ack told the client not to
automatically-ack the messages.  Apparently it's a message to the
server that we don't need any acks.  That makes a bit more sense...

Does py-amqplib have the same limitation as the rabbitmq java
consumer, where it calling methods on the channel or connection from
the callback will cause deadlock?  If so, how are messages
acknowledged in basic_consume?

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