[rabbitmq-discuss] py-amqplib status messages

tsuraan tsuraan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 16:56:34 GMT 2008

> That still doesn't explain why you're using it though. It is for
> intents and purposes, a semantic NOOP.

In the real program, the consumer pulls a message off that queue and
adds a bunch of messages to other queues, in a transaction.  I wasn't
getting all the messages I thought I was sending, and I didn't know
why, so I started ripping all the functionality out of both programs
until I had a minimal test case.  I guess it wasn't entirely minimal
because the test case does have that pointless transaction, but it was
small enough for me to post at that point.

> I'm slightly confused. You're now talking about about the sending side
> but your code beforehand was an example of a consumer.

Both the producer and consumer sources are in the original message.

> As an aside, on the sending side, you could use the immediate or
> mandatory flags to get the broker to *indicate it's inability* to
> deliver a message without you having to use a transaction, but I'm not
> sure those are the semantics you want.

I am using mandatory; immediate isn't desired in my case.  My original
question was actually along the lines of how does py-amqplib indicate
to the caller the broker's inability to deliver a message.  Perhaps it
does just raise an exception or something similar; I've apparently
never actually triggered that case.

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