[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ ejabberd gateway

Alex Clemesha clemesha at ucsd.edu
Fri Nov 21 01:27:39 GMT 2008


I'm doing some work using the RabbitMQ gateway module for ejabberd
and I have a couple basic questions.

Things are going pretty well in the sense that I can do this:
Send and receive AMQP messages via XMPP, i.e. I can
make "amq.topic at rabbitmq.my.host.edu" a buddy in my
chat client or google talk and send and receive messages.

but, the issues that I'm having are these:

1) I can *only* use the exchange 'amq.topic' to perform the above
example where I send messages from XMPP to AMQP and vice-versa.
There *are* other exchanges in my AMQP network, because all
my AMQP producers and consumers use them at the same time I'm
trying the XMPP gateway, it just seems as though I can't make them
XMPP buddies.
(I believe this is a fairly simple config or auth problem, I just
haven't be able to find the solution yet.)

2) I'm also playing with a neat javascript XMPP client called Strophe
The basic examples work fine for me when I use ejabberd users that I
have created,
and thus know the password that ejabberd has for these users.
The simple Strophe examples all require a password for a given JID, so
my question
is this: what would the password be for the JID
"amq.topic at rabbitmq.my.host.edu" that comes
into existence via the RabbitMQ gateway module for ejabberd?

(With this question I believe that I may be just missing something
about how Strophe
works ... also with Strophe I'm using the BOSH connection manager
Punjab http://code.stanziq.com/punjab,
so the problem could certainly lie there as well, but I thought I'd
just mention the issue just in case
someone knows of a solution.)

Thanks very much for any clues!

Alex Clemesha

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