[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq-discuss Digest, Vol 18, Issue 34

Ilya Grigorik ilya at aiderss.com
Mon Nov 17 22:53:09 GMT 2008

I've been running more benchmarks on Rabbit today, few more questions popped

Any rules of thumb for memory requirements on Rabbit? I've setup a simple
consumer which pushes ~10kb/s into a Rabbit queue, and the persister file is
growing at an expected rate, but the memory appears to be fluctuating all
over the map. My persister got up to 386MB, but resident side of rabbit shot
up to 3.5GB.

Also, I've added a liberal swap partition to the box, but I'm still seeing
same behavior as before: rabbit died at around 2.2GB in the perister.log.
Kernel logs are not showing anything suspicious, and the node doesn't spit
out anything useful either:

=INFO REPORT==== 17-Nov-2008::17:46:00 ===
    alarm_handler: {clear,system_memory_high_watermark}

=INFO REPORT==== 17-Nov-2008::17:46:26 ===
Rolling persister log to


Erlang has closed
/usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/os_mon-2.1.8/priv/bin/memsup: Erlang has closed.

Is there a debug mode I could enable?


P.S. I'm in for pitching in to fix this stuff. ;-)
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