[rabbitmq-discuss] Persister crashes Rabbit

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sat Nov 15 17:13:35 GMT 2008


Aman Gupta wrote:
>> The flow control in that version should tell the producers to stop
>> sending messages when memory becomes critical. However, it does require
>> a cooperating client. Hence my question above about what client you are
>> using. At present the trunk version of the Java client is the only one
>> that handles flow control correctly.
> Do I just need to send a Basic.Qos(prefetch_count: 1, global: true) ?

No. Basic.Qos allows the consumer to control the flow of messages from 
the broker. That's still on our todo list. The upcoming release of the 
broker implements one half of AMQP's channel.flow, where the broker 
tells clients to stop sending messages when it is overloaded.

See Ben's article at


for more details.


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