[rabbitmq-discuss] Stopping

Anthony anthony-rabbitmq at hogan.id.au
Tue Nov 11 04:41:08 GMT 2008

Have noticed that even when RabbitMQ is stopped, there's an erlang server
process that keeps going and the only way to stop it seems to be to kill it.

Arguably speaking, if the service is started by Rabbit, it should be stopped
by Rabbit, no? ... Or is the same instance potentially used by other Erlang

~# ps ax | grep erl
 3050 ?        S      0:00 /usr/lib/erlang/erts-5.6.3/bin/epmd -daemon
 3062 ?        Sl     0:01 /usr/lib/erlang/erts-5.6.3/bin/beam -W w -K true
-A30 -- -root /usr/lib/erlang -progname erl -- -home /var/lib/rabbitmq -pa
/usr/sbin/../ebin -noshell -noinput -s rabbit -sname rabbit -boot start_sasl
-kernel inet_default_listen_options [{sndbuf,16384},{recbuf,4096}] -rabbit
tcp_listeners [{"", 5672}] -sasl errlog_type error -kernel
error_logger {file,"/var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit.log"} -sasl sasl_error_logger
{file,"/var/log/rabbitmq/rabbit-sasl.log"} -os_mon start_cpu_sup true
-os_mon start_disksup false -os_mon start_memsup false -os_mon start_os_sup
false -mnesia dir "/var/lib/rabbitmq/mnesia/rabbit" -noshell -noinput
 3104 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/lib/erlang/lib/os_mon-2.1.6/priv/bin/cpu_sup
 4253 pts/0    R+     0:00 grep erl
~# /etc/init.d/rabbitmq-server stop
Stopping rabbitmq-server: rabbitmq-server.
~# ps ax | grep erl
 3050 ?        S      0:00 /usr/lib/erlang/erts-5.6.3/bin/epmd -daemon
 4280 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep erl
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