[rabbitmq-discuss] Support for distributed transactions (dtx).

Gavin Bong vinorasmus at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 14:06:54 GMT 2008


Pardon me for hijacking this thread, but I have 2 transaction related questions.

1) If I am just sending one message per client invocation, does it
matter whether I use transactions ?
e.g. the server receives a request to create an account, I add that
request to a Q.
It seems to me that transactions are only useful if I want a group of
messages to appear (perhaps in an ordered fashion) in the queue. I'm
speaking from a one-phase commit viewpoint.

2) In one of the overload method signatures for Channel.basicPublish,
2 parameters "immediate" and "mandatory" confuse me. Are they in
anyway related to transactions ? Are they hints to control the
visibility of the message in the queue vis à vis database isolation
levels. ?

Thanks a lot.



2008/11/10 Alexis Richardson <alexis.richardson at cohesiveft.com>:
> Alex
> RabbitMQ supports the TX model as described in AMQP 0-8.  If you look
> in the list archives for 'TX' then you will see background on this.
> In effect TX lets clients state visibility and ack boundaries around
> message groups.

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