[rabbitmq-discuss] IOExceptions and the java client api

Henric Larsson Henric.Larsson at igindex.co.uk
Fri Nov 7 12:03:11 GMT 2008


In the javadoc almost every method is documented as throwing the checked
IOException "if an error  is encountered", but there's no mention of the
unchecked exceptions that may be thrown.

My understanding after using the client for a while is that the
IOException isn't likely to be thrown. In the case of a server
disconnect the actual exception thrown would be the unchecked
com.rabbitmq.client.ShutdownSignalException or a derived exception.
Making any code that relies on catching IOException for failure handling
/ reconnect logic broken.

I think the javadoc should mention all exceptions that may be thrown and
when they would be expected.

Furthermore, I personally think that the IOException is almost as course
grained as declaring that all methods throws Exception - not only does
this make for unnecessary cluttered code when using the client, all
invocations must be wrapped in a try/catch block, but it doesn't give
any real information about the underlying problem; Server shutdown, pipe
broken, dodgy data on the wire.. 

My suggestion is to have a hierarchy of unchecked exceptions with real
meaning clearly documented in the api - giving users the option of
catching the exceptions that can be recovered from while allowing other
exceptions to be propagated to the caller.


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