[rabbitmq-discuss] Channel Flow

Ben Hood 0x6e6562 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 10:51:44 GMT 2008

Hey Barry,

One of the features in the next Rabbit release (ETA within a few
weeks) is the implementation of the Channel.Flow command.

This will announced properly in due course, but we have had some
non-list interest on this subject from people using py-amqplib and
would like to be able to use the Channel.Flow command with it.

So this is just a heads up to let you know that you may be getting a
new feature request.

Essentially Channel.Flow is a reverse RPC that the client should react
to by pausing the sending of any content carrying commands until the
broker notifies it that sending can be resumed.

This functionality exists for the server in the branch called 19468
and in the java client in branch 19559.

I'm not quite sure what implication this has for a non-blocking
client, hence I am kicking of a discussion.


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