[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq mnesia table timeout and disk_almost_full alarm activated

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Sun Mar 16 13:20:15 GMT 2008


joe lee wrote:
> I am running rabbitmq server snapshot version rabbitmq-200801150657.  I 
> have 500MB of free space in my /home drive and 189MB free on / drive. 
> Have 700MB of free memory and CPU utilization is less 10%.
> I have stopped rabbit app from erl shell.  Then when I restarted erl 
> shell with the same mnesia dir, I get the following: mnesia table 
> timeout and disk_almost_full alarm activated.  In addition, application 
> os_mon is temporarily stopped.

> [joe at home src]$ erl -sname rabbit at home -mnesia dir 
> '"/home/joe/temp/rabbitmq_data"' -boot start_sasl -s rabbit

That command line isn't quite right. Take a look at the rabbitmq-server 
script. You will notice that they disable the memory and disk alarms, as 
well as turning down the SASL log verbosity.

That doesn't explain the table loading timeouts though. What are the 
contents of your mnesia dir?

Do you get that same error when a) starting RabbitMQ with the supplied 
scripts, b) using RabbitMQ 1.2.0, c) clearing the mnesia dir prior to 
starting RabbitMQ?


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