[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ running at 100% CPU.

Michael Arnoldus chime at mu.dk
Thu Mar 13 15:36:16 GMT 2008


Seen on several Mac's here, but the one where we have the problem  
right now is a Quad-core 2,8 GHz Mac Pro. Also seen on a dual core. 2  
GB Mem. Running Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Leopard). Erlang 11B-5, Rabbit 1.2.0.

I actually have a system running with the problem, so if I can help in  
any way tracing the problem down, let me know.

Yes, Mac OS X has dtrace.

It seems to me like it should be possible to find an possible infinite  
loop on writev error writing to a socket, either in the erlang code or  
the rabbit code (but then again - what do I know :-) Let me know if  
you have any suggestions on where I should start looking.


On Mar 13, 2008, at 16:11 , Matthias Radestock wrote:

> Michael,
> Michael Arnoldus wrote:
>> Thank you for your suggestion. There is no strace on Mac OS X, but  
>> I did find a way to see what the C-program was doing (see below).
> I gather there's ktrace and/or dtrace.
>> Most of the threads are just waiting (as expected) but a single one  
>> seems always to be in some kind of tcp_send_error.
> That is interesting. Tony has seen similar symptoms on his MacBook  
> here, but so far we have failed to reproduce the problem anywhere  
> else.
> Please let us know as much about your system as possible. Exact OS  
> version, Erlang/OTP version, RabbitMQ version, number and exact type  
> of processors, memory configuration, and anything else you can think  
> of that might be relevant.
> Matthias.

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