[rabbitmq-discuss] py-amqplib add-on: non-blocking sockets

Barry Pederson bp at barryp.org
Mon Mar 3 15:46:43 GMT 2008

Dmitriy Samovskiy wrote:
> We put together an add-on for py-amqplib that implements AMQP client 
> with non-blocking
> sockets (see NonBlockingConnection class and nbloop() function in 
> nbclient_0_8.py).
> nbdemo_receive.py is a demo script, and nbclient.zip includes both 
> nbclient_0_8.py and
> nbdemo_receive.py.

Thanks Dmitriy, I've added this to my Mercurial repository 
http://hg.barryp.org/py-amqplib/ and made a couple small tweaks to 
streamline the code a bit.

I'll take a look at factoring out the common code that's in the 
Connection.__init__ and NonBlockingConnection.__init__ methods.


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