[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq out of memory

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Fri Jul 18 10:40:35 BST 2008

David.Corcoran at edftrading.com wrote:
> One thing I'm slightly wary of is that the memory spiked when I connected
> 250 clients to it. And when I disconnected them it didn't shrink very much.

I'm on a training course today, so may not be able to answer with very 
low latency :-) but here's a quick thing to examine: if you have a shell 
into the rabbitmq VM, you could examine how many processes are still 
around, to see if there are any orphans. For instance, you could type 
"i()." into the shell:

Eshell V5.6.2  (abort with ^G)
1> i().
Pid                   Initial Call                          Heap 
Reds Msgs
Registered            Current Function                     Stack 

<0.0.0>               otp_ring0:start/2                      610 
2532    0
init                  init:loop/1                              2 

<0.2.0>               erlang:apply/2                        2584 
63255    0
erl_prim_loader       erl_prim_loader:loop/3                   5 

[much more output snipped]


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