[rabbitmq-discuss] Process N messages / VM concurrently

Joern opendev at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 19:58:06 BST 2008

Dear list,

I'm new to AMQP and RabbitMQ and like to solve the following problem.
I am going to deploy a couple of JVMs on different nodes. Depending on
certain characteristics of these nodes they will be capable of
handling a node-specific N of messages concurrently. For each message
processed a worker Thread is used (probably using Java's Executor
framework). A message specific to the outcome of the work done in the
thread is put into the queue after the job is done and the transaction
is finished / the original message is acknowledged (I'm still a bit
unsure of the appropriate semantics here).

Is there a recommended strategy how to combine the Executor framework
of Java 5+ with the BlockingConsumer of Rabbit? I'm wiring the
application using Spring and use the latest version of RabbitMQ.

Best regards,


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