[rabbitmq-discuss] Scalable multithreaded consumer

Karel Alfonso karel.alfonso at inventri.com
Thu Jan 31 23:21:56 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

  First, thanks so much for the support and quick replies.

  The problem I have at hand is to "periodically poll the POP3 accounts of 5
thousand users or more and download the mails that match certain criteria".

  As the user base will increase in the future, I'm thinking of having a
clustered solution for scalability purpose.

  Right now I'm using ActiveMQ with clustered queue consumers. The master
distributes the messages in a round-robin manner to each of the consumers.
The consumers handle the message through Jencks, an MDB solution which has a
thread pool. To scale this architecture I have to add more consumer nodes
(with Jenck).

  I thought about Erlang cause in only one box I can have thousands of
processes running, provided that I have enough file descriptors in the OS.
Then if on top of that I can have a clustered solution with RabbitMQ, that
would be the perfect solution for me.

  Using RabbitMQ's Java libraries to consume the messages using a thread
pool does not offer any advantage to me, given that that is the solution I
have at the moment.

  The other question might be out of the subject of this list, but once you
have a RabbitMQ cluster, which technologies would you suggest to share the
file system amongst the cluster?

 Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Hi Karel,

Karel Alfonso wrote:
> In my solution each message means "poll the pop3 account of user XYZ for
> mails", that's right. So this is a solution where I need thousands of
> clients/consumers to poll a POP3 account for a specific user.

RabbitMQ's Java library and Erlang broker should have no trouble with
that kind of solution - unless there was some showstopper you've found
that I haven't thought of?

Can you tell us more about the surrounding environment - for instance,
is Spring an important part of your total application?

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