[rabbitmq-discuss] Administering Rabbit exchanges and queues

John Watson JWatson at sis.tv
Fri Jan 11 12:12:48 GMT 2008


You wrote:
> To add to Matthias' point: the exploration of management requirements,
> through actual use of tools such as Ben's is a very good way to
> understand what needs to be in 0-11.  Do please share use cases as you
> come across them.

I'll certainly do that.  But I think Ben was saying that his approach is
currently limited to what's exposed in rabbit_access_control so it shows
me nothing new as far as I can tell.  If you want requirements to add to
0-11 then I'd say that the three most important components seem to be
the exchange, queue and binding and these should be fully administrable
in order to allow for scripting, GUI tools etc. to manipulate them


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