[rabbitmq-discuss] Need help with Rabbit STOMP client

Pete Kay petedao at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 06:54:32 BST 2008


I am working on using a Java client to publish message to Rabbit and using a
Flex client to subscribe to messages.

I have tried both Java client -> Flex client and Flex client -> Flex client,
but both don't work.

With Flex-> Flex, I am using the ImageSender.mxml and Image Receiver.mxml.
When running the example, I am getting:

Error: Error #2002: Operation attempted on invalid socket.
 at flash.net::Socket/writeBytes()
 at ImageSender/sendImage()[C:\Users\anne\Documents\Flex Builder
 at ImageSender/___ImageSender_Button2_click()[C:\Users\anne\Documents\Flex
Builder 3\WebUI\src\ImageSender.mxml:134]
The configure I am using is :

  private function init () : void
   var ch: ConnectHeaders = new ConnectHeaders();
   ch.login = "rabbitmq";
   ch.passcode = "rabbitmq"
   stomp.connect("", 5672, ch);

It looks like I may have some fundamental errors in my STOMP client.  I can
send and receive messages between two Java client using the routing key with
no problem.

With the STOMP client, how can I speciy the ticket, routingKey and
exchange?  The onlything available to identiy the queue is destination -
stomp.subscribe( destination );

Any help and suggestion on getting it to work will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
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