[rabbitmq-discuss] Queued file transfer with many writers and many readers using the Java client

Dimitar Bakardzhiev dimitar.bakardzhiev at rexintegra.com
Mon Aug 18 07:48:17 BST 2008

We would like to use RabbitMQ for a Queued file transfer with many 
writers and many readers using the Java client.
We are not that familiar with AMQP yet and try to use the examples part 
of the Java client binary distribution for a start.

Unfortunately there is no example showing how to use all methods from 
File class especially such very nice sounding methods such as Cancel, 
Return, QoS.
Both FileProducer and FileConsumer examples make no use of File class 
methods but only Basic class Publish.

Here is the code we think will work for reliable file transfer, but the 
usage of transmit(AMQPChannel ) methods is not right and we are 
wondering waht the proper usage should be:

    public void filePublish(int ticket, String exchange, String routingKey,
            boolean mandatory, boolean immediate, FileProperties props,
            byte[] body,String identifier,Channel channel) throws 
IOException {
        FileProperties useProps = props;
        if (props == null) {
            useProps = new FileProperties();
        File.Publish publish = new File.Publish(ticket, exchange, 
                mandatory, immediate,identifier);
        AMQCommand command = new AMQCommand(publish, useProps, body);

It will help us start using RabitMQ sooner if we can get some examples 
of how to use File class methods in Java client.
Can somebody help?

Dimitar Bakardzhiev

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