[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ perfomance testing & troubles

Andrew V. Statsenko alter at tcontest.ru
Wed Apr 16 11:25:54 BST 2008

В Срд, 16/04/2008 в 10:34 +0100, Ben Hood пишет:

Hi Ben,

> On 16 Apr 2008, at 10:15, Andrew V. Statsenko wrote:
> > In real life we are looking for fast messaging middleware which can
> > interconnect 10-100K flash clients per server with _very_ low latency
> > (each client send & recieve 4 mgs per sec) and perfomance/latency
> > degradation with high number of sockets is important  fo us.
> Have you written your own flash client for AMQP?

No. The good AMQP flash stack is also that we are looking for :-)

One of the project is http://sharesource.org/project/as3amqp/


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