[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ perfomance testing & troubles

Andrew V. Statsenko alter at tcontest.ru
Wed Apr 16 10:15:13 BST 2008

В Срд, 09/04/2008 в 10:56 -0500, Dmitriy Samovskiy пишет:

Hi Dmitriy !

> > So, let's try to start 100 producer's and
> > 100 consumer's. Each producer generate 10 msgs/sec (t
> > 1000 msgs/sec at all)

> May I suggest increasing the number of messages per second as an alternative test (instead 
> of increasing the number of clients)?

Well, I was make an alternative test and increase the number of messages
per second + decrase number of clients - result is same ( very little
difference ).

> I think one of your your biggest bottlenecks in this case is the number of sockets that 
> you ask your OS to juggle at the same time (I may be wrong however). Things you might want 
> to try:
> 1. reduce the number of clients
> 2. reduce the number of sockets each broker has to open by setting up a RabbitMQ cluster

Hmm..  :-)

In real life we are looking for fast messaging middleware which can
interconnect 10-100K flash clients per server with _very_ low latency
(each client send & recieve 4 mgs per sec) and perfomance/latency
degradation with high number of sockets is important  fo us.


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