[rabbitmq-discuss] OSGi Demo for RabbitMQ Client

Neil Bartlett njbartlett at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 14:36:00 BST 2008


With Tony's help I have put together a small demo of using RabbitMQ
Client in an OSGi environment. The demo simply has two bundles (the
OSGi term for a module): a producer bundle and a consumer bundle. They
each hook into the bundle lifecycle so the produce/consume threads can
be started and stopped from the OSGi console.

To download, fetch from my darcs repository:

	darcs get http://neilbartlett.name/darcs/rabbitmq-client-osgi

Instructions to build and run are in the readme:


The directory is setup as an Eclipse project, so you should be able to
import it using the "Existing Projects" import wizard. However there
is no dependency on Eclipse, so you can open it in IntelliJ, NetBeans,
emacs or vi if you choose.


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