[rabbitmq-discuss] Fwd: Fwd: Fw: Errors using Windows .NET Client Library

Matthias Radestock matthias at lshift.net
Wed Apr 2 20:33:40 BST 2008


Matthias Radestock wrote:
> I have run the exes of both apps against the broker at dev.rabbitmq.com 
> and everything worked fine - the subscriber is happily waiting for 
> messages to arrive and printing them.
> That was using mono on debian though. You may want to consider switching 
> to that ;)
> I'll try WinXP tomorrow.

I still haven't found the time to do that, but it turns out we recently 
had a similar problem reported by somebody else and believe the issue 
may be specific to Vista. Exactly what flavour of Windows are you running?

The client library uses socket receive-timeouts as part of the 
heartbeating process and we suspect the problem may lay in that area. To 
see whether that is the case, try setting the 
ConnectionParameters.RequestedHeartbeat property to 0 before you open 
the connection. The RabbitMQ server will honour this, interpreting it as 
a request for no heartbeating at all.

ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory();
factory.Parameters.RequestedHeartbeat = 0;
IProtocol protocol = Protocols.FromEnvironment();
IConnection conn = factory.CreateConnection(protocol, hostName, portNumber);

Also, I'd be very interested in the value of the ErrorCode property on 
the SocketException that's being thrown, if you get an opportunity to do 
a bit of digging, perhaps by compiling the code yourself or by using a 
debugger against the precompiled library to find out.



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