[rabbitmq-discuss] basic public-subscribe model with erlang-client

Joe Lee codewalkerjoe at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 15:43:58 BST 2008

I did a quick search and educated myself bit on enterprise integration.  It
seems publish-subscribe model doesn't have any queue.  Message published
from the publisher first stored in publisher's memory and transfered to the
channel on the background.  Then the message get stored into memory of the
consumer and the consumer consumes the message from its memory.

I need something along the line of amazon sqs, asynchronous with queue.
This maybe a silly question to someone who is into enterprise integration.
If I go with synchronous message passing, can I have, for example, multiple
different channels sending messages to a single queue?  I just want to avoid
channel being the bottleneck.

thank you,

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Ben Hood <0x6e6562 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Joe,
> On 31 Mar 2008, at 22:05, joe lee wrote:
> Anyone knows how to do a basic publish (asynchronous method, no syncing
> with broker) using erlang-client, either in amqp mode or erlang mode?
> If I understand you correctly, if you want to publish a message, you can
> do the following:
> BasicPublish = #'basic.publish'{ticket = Ticket, exchange = X,
>                                     routing_key = RoutingKey,
>                                     mandatory = Mandatory,
>                                     immediate = Immediate},
> Content = #content{class_id = 60,
>          properties = amqp_util:basic_properties(), %% either 'none', or a
> decoded record/tuple
>          properties_bin = 'none', %% either 'none', or an encoded
> properties amqp_util:binary
>          %% Note: at most one of properties and properties_bin can be
> 'none' at once.
>          payload_fragments_rev = [Payload] %% list of binaries, in reverse
> order (!)
>         },
> amqp_channel:cast(Channel, BasicPublish, Content),
> This code is taken from the setup_publish/3 function in the test_util
> module of the Erlang client.
> The cast/3 function in amqp_channel sends the message asynchronously
> irrespective of whether you are using the TCP variant or native Erlang
> messaging.
> BTW, what do you mean when you say "amqp mode or erlang mode"?
> I have a queue and need to send message to the queue asynchronously and
> consumer will come along and process it.  If you are doing
> publish-subscribe, do you define a queue like you do for sysnchronous
> method?
> I'm not quite sure I follow. Which synchronous method are you referring
> to?
> HTH,
> Ben
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