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BillC billc at inworksol.com
Tue Apr 1 02:30:06 BST 2008

Sorry I forgot to tell you that you can change the hostname, port ..etc in the app.config files to run the .exe without recompiling ....

BillC <billc at inworksol.com> wrote: Matthias,

Thanks for looking at this for me.  I have uploaded the a zip file which contains the files to the following URL where you can download:


There are two folders:
1) ConsoleApplication2 is the Simple Subscriber
2) WindowsApplication1 is the Simple Publisher

The directories contain the full source code and also in the debug/bin folder of each you will find the .exe as well as the RabbitMQ.dll that I am using.



Matthias Radestock <matthias at lshift.net> wrote: Bill,

BillC wrote:
> Thanks for your response.  I cleared everything in my Mnesia and Log 
> files and restarted the broker.  I also changed my props.DeliveryMode = 
> 1 to make non persistent messages on basicpublish.   I also ensured that  
> my basicpublisher closes both the channel and connections properly in 
> the basicpublisher code.

I was just trying to run your example and noticed that the consumer code 
you sent the other day isn't well-formed - it contains an "else" without 
an "if". Can you send through the exact code for both the publisher and 
consumer you are running?

It would also be useful to get hold of the compiled code, for me to run 
as a comparison. Perhaps you could post it on some upload service such 
as uploading.com?


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