[rabbitmq-discuss] Python client to RabbitMQ.....error?

Lynton Grice lynton.grice at netweaverguru.com
Fri Sep 28 14:43:09 BST 2007

Hi there,


I hope someone can help me ;-)..... I have been on the mail lists trying to
find my problem but still no luck ;-( I am an SAP integration specialist and
I play alot in Python, Erlang etc......and am VERY impressed so far with


I have installed the RabbitMQ Server (1.2.0).....and have installed the QPID
Python libs.....and I run on Windows XP....


The server is up and running on the default port etc.....


BUT I cannot get the Python code working properly or get the test runs
going.......here is the code below that is dying:


import qpid

from qpid.client import Client

from qpid.content import Content


client = Client("", 5672, spec=qpid.spec.load('amqp0-8.xml'))
"spec is in the same directory....

client.start({ 'LOGIN': 'guest', 'PASSWORD': 'guest'}) 


The client.start method DIES.....and the user and password are
correct....the error I get in Wing IDE is:




Traceback (innermost last):


File "D:\tmp\Rabbit\rabbit.py", line 1, in ?

  import qpid

File "D:\tmp\Rabbit\rabbit.py", line 8, in ?

  client.start({ 'LOGIN': 'guest', 'PASSWORD': 'guest'}) File
"D:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\qpid\client.py", line 83, in start


File "D:\tmp\Rabbit\<string>", line 3, in connection_open File
"D:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\qpid\peer.py", line 182, in invoke

  raise Closed(self.reason)


If I debug the code it seems to go happily into the "client.py" code.....but
when it calls "self.wait()" but then executes the following and raises
"EOFError" because it seems to be closed or something



    if self.closed:

      raise EOFError()


I am probably doing something very stupid....just wanted to know if I need
to START something on the server or install something like QPID? Or perhaps
something else?


Thanks for the help.....I would appreciate any sort of feedback on this.....


Thanks again ;-)




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