[rabbitmq-discuss] Gentoo ebuilds?

Alexis Richardson alexis.richardson at cohesiveft.com
Wed Sep 12 10:34:49 BST 2007


On 9/12/07, Holger Hoffstätte <holger at wizards.de> wrote:
> Alexis Richardson wrote:
> > I am told the process is uniform:
> > http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/devrel/handbook/handbook.xml?part=2&chap=1
> It's more about finding the time and figuring out where
> best to install the rabbitmq-specific parts in the file system so that
> they live happily next to Gentoo's other erlang-related packages.

I feared as much.  We do know some guys who use gentoo a lot and are
experimenting with erlang but not (yet) rabbit.  As soon as I'm able
to learn more from them, I shall let the list know.

> Though
> all that is thoroughly standardized in Gentoo, finding time is not..

Indeed :-)

I'm sure something will turn up.  Sorry we were not able to help you
more this time.


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