[rabbitmq-discuss] Suggestions for server startup script

Holger Hoffstätte holger at wizards.de
Thu Sep 6 10:43:36 BST 2007


I would like to offer a few suggestions to make the server startup scripts
a bit easier to use.

- I already had erlang installed separately and really do not like to copy
stuff into another installation's directory; I initially ended up with a
couple of erl_dumps until I understood that the app search path was not
correct. Those dumps are very interesting to read for this VM geek but not
what I was after :)
Starting everything in the ebin dir worked immediately. Maybe adding a
line like:

	-pa %RABBITMQ_BASE%/ebin ^

to the erl start command would make this easier for others.

- good Java projects that have shell launchers make sure that logs,
databases etc. are not created all over the place:


May seem a bit overly pedantic, but it makes stuff a bit easier to debug
and more predictable.


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