[rabbitmq-discuss] Erlang client release

Simon MacMullen simon at lshift.net
Mon Oct 29 15:50:59 GMT 2007

I'd just like to let the list know that we now have the Erlang client 
tidied up enough to make a preliminary release. As with the 
AMQP-over-HTTP binding, this code is considered experimental and is not 
yet part of the main release cycle.

The Erlang client can operate in both a networked mode that uses 
standard TCP-based AMQP framing and a direct mode that uses native 
Erlang message passing to a RabbitMQ broker.

The client can be downloaded from:


The client reuses some code from the broker, and currently depends on 
the broker from CVS HEAD. A suitable snapshot is available at:


I'd like to thank Ben Hood for his work on this.

Cheers, Simon
   [][][] Simon MacMullen
     [][] LShift Ltd
   []  [] www.lshift.net

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