[rabbitmq-discuss] Transactions in AMQP

Goel, Tanmay tanmay.goel at intel.com
Tue Aug 28 22:20:04 BST 2007




1. I have a basic question about transactions in AMQP. What exactly does
a transaction include/mean? For example, does it include the
administrative features like creation of queues, exchanges, etc that
will be auto-deleted if the client aborts the transaction. I'm not
entirely clear about this, so I'm just trying to understand and figure
out possibilities. The spec says that messages and acknowledgments are
covered in a transaction. What would happen if the publisher sends a
message to the broker/queue, consumer receives (reads it from the queue)
and processes it, sends an ack to the broker and then the publisher
decides to abort the transaction? How can this transaction be atomic
and/or rolled-back since the message is already gone? 


Please help me understand this. I'm trying to understand the scope of a


2. Is the protocol currently assuming a reliable transport layer (TCP,
SCTP, etc) and no unreliable connection (say, UDP)? If yes, will the
later releases work on including unreliable transport layer protocols?






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