[rabbitmq-discuss] Python Client for RabbitMQ/AMQP?

Jeff Rogers dvrsn at diphi.com
Thu Aug 23 18:35:10 BST 2007

Alexis Richardson wrote:

> BUT - modulo the spec version, any client should interoperate with any broker.

I'm not sure if it is the differences in spec version or just
incompletely or differently implemented servers but my limited
experience has not borne this out.  I was working on a tcl client and
ran into a number of small but annoying differences in how rabbitmq and
OpenAMQ deal with things.  For example, rabbitmq requires an
access.request call before accessing anything while openamq doesn't
implement access.request at all and gives you a channel error if you
even make the call.  On the side of rabbitmq doing things wrong, the
authentication is completely screwy - the server response says that it
only supports PLAIN authentication but the server only implements AMQPLAIN.

Maybe this just points out a need for multiple independent clients to
test against;  particularly in the case of the authentication rabbitmq
seems to be making specific allowances for qpid even tho it appears qpid
is not following the spec exactly.


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