[rabbitmq-discuss] Scala remote actors [was Re: Intro]

Steve Jenson stevej at pobox.com
Sun Aug 19 01:49:56 BST 2007

That's an interesting idea. So far, the Java libraries are working
fine for me, though. Speaking of, I wrote a quick hack to serialize
objects into a RabbitMQ cluster using Scala.



And the class definition for Multiplication lies in here:

One thing that's not clear to me from the javadoc is how to keep my
client processing new messages coming into the queue instead of
exiting at the end. Am I supposed to wrap the call to
channel.basicConsume around a busy-loop or is there a better


On 8/6/07, Matthias Radestock <matthias at lshift.net> wrote:
> Steve,
> "Steve Jenson" <stevej at pobox.com> writes:
> > I just added myself to the rabbitmq-discuss list. I've CC'd this
> > discussion there (and removed all the original CC email addresses) so
> > we can keep it flying!
> Cheers.
> I have just looked at API docs for Scala's actors. Looks like they have
> moved on quite a bit since I last checked them out and have become much
> more Erlang-like. Has anybody investigated hooking them into an Erlang
> system directly, via Erlang's Jinterface?
> This would only give you AMQP interop via a rather indirect route,
> i.e. by invoking RabbitMQ's Erlang API, which Ben Hood has been working
> on; see mailing list archives. So it is no substitute for an AMQP
> binding along the lines I suggested. It would be an interesting project
> though, providing seamless interop between Erlang processes and Scala
> actors.
> Matthias.

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