[rabbitmq-announce] RabbitMQ acquired by SpringSource

Matthias Radestock matthias at rabbitmq.com
Tue Apr 13 13:33:37 BST 2010

Rabbit Technologies Ltd. (RTL), the company behind RabbitMQ, has been 
acquired by SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc.

RTL was founded in February 2007 and is a spin out from LShift Ltd., the 
UK software consultancy, and Cohesive FT, the US virtualization and 
cloud computing company.

The Rabbit Team are very excited about the deal. “RabbitMQ is an 
extremely successful technology and forms the backbone for many varied 
cloud messaging systems,” said Alexis Richardson, chief executive 
officer and co-founder, Rabbit Technologies, Ltd. “By providing a 
multi-protocol, completely open, portable messaging system, our 
technology can be a key enabler of tomorrow’s applications. By joining 
with enterprise leaders, SpringSource and VMware, RabbitMQ expects to 
continue to be at the forefront of the movement toward cloud computing. 
Users and customers will benefit from an organization offering deep and 
immediate experience with the challenges of managing highly available 
and stable operations.”

RabbitMQ will continue to be open source and distributed in the same way 
as before. The RabbitMQ community can expect to see increased investment 
in this outstanding technology which should result in significant 
improvements to the open source release.

RabbitMQ customers will see an increase in availability of training, 
professional services and support offerings as the RabbitMQ business is 
integrated with SpringSource.

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