[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ windows service says it's started when it isn't ready

Mat Burton matburton at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 20:23:56 GMT 2014

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the quick response

We use our message bus to report diagnostic data which means option 3 isn't
really an option.
We wouldn't know when a service somewhere was started but dead in the water
until our monitoring system noticed a lack of activity later.
Worse we could miss real error reports etc because we'd have no where to
send them if we started without a stable connection.

I guess we'll have to use option 2 and leave our services in a starting
state until they manage to connect to RabbitMQ.
I believe a service can request an additional minute of starting time
upfront, which should be sufficient in most cases.

Many thanks,
Mat B

On 24 March 2014 15:50, Robert Raschke <rtrlists at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hi Mat,
> this is a consequence of how the Windows Service is started. The
> erlsrv.exe reports back to Windows when Erlang has been started. But this
> in no way means that the application running in the Erlang VM has also
> finished starting.
> Incidentally, this is the way a lot of systems start up. JBoss startup has
> the exact same issue. Although calling it an issue is debatable :-)
> Two ways forward are: 1. Application level interface that allows you to
> query if your system is up and open for business. 2. Put sleeps into the
> startup sequence, which appears to be a common remedy, unfortunately. 3.
> Ignore errors on startup and retry until stable.
> Hope this helps,
> Robby
>  I'm using RabbitMQ 3.2.1, Erlang R16B02
> The issue described in the subject causes problems for other services
> which depend on RabbitMQ
> For instance if I have windows service X which has a dependency configured
> for the RabbitMQ windows service then when I start X the RabbitMQ service
> will be started first
> However the RabbitMQ service reports that it's started before it's ready
> to accept connections
> Hence when service X tries to start it finds it cannot connect to RabbitMQ
> This is mostly a problem when the machine is restarted as the services
> which depend on RabbitMQ may fail to start
> Is this a bug in RabbitMQ's windows service? Is there any way to allow
> dependencies to work?
> Any other suggestion also welcome, although I really want to avoid the
> equivalent of sleeps
> Thanks,
> Mat B
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