[rabbitmq-discuss] Rejecting messages if incorrect build number

Patrick Long pat at munkiisoft.com
Fri Mar 21 14:58:51 GMT 2014

When we move from one major release to another we would like to be able to
consume the old messages from the work queue using the previous version of
the application whilst allowing new messages to be written to the same

This situation would only occur for a couple of hours after a release.

If we had the buildNumber as a property in a message in theory v2 consumers
could check that the message.buildversion equalled v2 rather than v1

When it did not it the consumer could call Basic.Reject. Perhaps this is
not quite what the AMQP spec intended for the use of Basic.Reject but it
seems like a practical use.

What do others think?


Patrick Long - Munkiisoft Ltd
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