[rabbitmq-discuss] rabbitmq webstomp ha-mode

Steve Flitcroft steve.flitcroft at ivendi.com
Wed Mar 19 11:04:48 GMT 2014

Having trouble getting the queues that are created via sockjs & webstomp 
being replicated across nodes.

I have a policy set for any queues that start with amq to be replicated.

You can see this here


the amq.gen queue created by webstomp does not replicate to the other node, 
the queue I created called amqsteve does.

The policy is


The result of this is that any non websocket browsers have to be routed to 
exactly the same node otherwise they get a 404 on the xhr_send method and 
lose connection. I can fix this by routing all non socket browsers to one 
node but this defeats the point of a cluster and load balancing. 

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