[rabbitmq-discuss] RabbitMQ C# client

S. Doug Hunt sdh at conix.com
Tue Mar 18 15:12:13 GMT 2014

Ran into an interesting issue with the client.


The scenario is this:


We create a queue when a review operator first opens a unit of work.   Other
operators can open the same unit of work, but obviously we do not want to
add items to the queue from the database for subsequent operators.    So -
the first thing we do is use the QueueDeclarePassive(queuename) method in a


So - for the first operator fails with the error that the queue was not
found.   We then attempt to use the QueueDeclare method to create the queue,
however it then fails with the same error.


I suspect that the QueueDeclarePassive method may have set the passive bit -
and the client is not resetting it after failing so that the subsequent call
also is acting like a passive call.   


We do have a work around - which is to reset our model object - but would be
nice if the client handled this, either by re-implementing the QueueDeclare
with the passive bit, allowing us to set it - or by making the public
QueueDeclare method force the bit to false.


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