[rabbitmq-discuss] Bugs in RabbitMQ WCF Library

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Tue Mar 18 09:42:27 GMT 2014

Yeah, the WCF binding has quite a few limitations and unfortunately we 
don't really have the resources to develop it further. If someone from 
the community wants to pick it up and run with it (or indeed start 
again) then they would be very welcome to.

Cheers, Simon

On 17/03/2014 12:22, Hristo Ivanov wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I have some problems with the WCF binding library which I got advice
> from IRC to share here:
> 1)The Client does not send to the server (fill up the queue and then
> quit), even in one-way communication manner. Instead, it waits for
> confirmation;
> 2)I cannot start multiple server worker processes on the same queue,
> which greatly limits the number of instances (to one) of running server
> processes;
> 3)All communication is lost when either the client or the server dies,
> even in one-way communication.
> Microsoft’s Message Queue WCF service does not have this limitation. It
> could be used only for one-way communication only, though, and therefore
> does not fit all the use cases we have.
> I think the problems  above are related to not having durable queues –
> the WCF binding always creates temporary queues. I have been given the
> advice of communicating directly with the queue on IRC. I guess the only
> available option to us is to create another binding, which could support:
> ·One-way communication (fire-and-forget), using durable queues;
> ·Multiple worker processes (self-hosted WCF), using the same durable queues;
> ·Possible duplex and/or direct communication without the need for both
> parties to be online at the same time.
> Do you have any insight on how this would be possible with the current
> driver? I guess, if it requires minor changes, it shouldn’t be very hard
> to achieve, provided that the broker can create multitude of reply
> queues and a single request queue.
> Best,
> Hristo Ivanov
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