[rabbitmq-discuss] Odd behavior where server stops responding

Jason McIntosh mcintoshj at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 16:41:48 GMT 2014

This may be a 3.0.4-1 issue (or erlang esl-erlang-R15B03-2.x86_64) and I
just may need to upgrade rabbit but I thought I'd see if anyone had seen
this before.  This is on oracle enterprise linux 6.2.

A few days after a software raid filesystem check (may or not be related,
only thing I can see that's common), on three separate servers, rabbit just
completely hung.  I couldn't even do an LSOF on any file system.  The port
was still responsive, but the rabbit process itself was completely hung.
 CPU use jumped up to 25% on the beam process and just stayed there...  I
killed all the rabbit processes and tried to restart them.  There was
nothing in the logs and the startup failed.  I killed everything again,
including the EPMD process and then rabbit was finally able to start.
 With-in a few moments though the beam hung again - I see a few connections
show in the logs and then the process is non-responsive.

I'm GUESSING this is an OS level issue, and I'd swear I've seen this
before.  I've had to do a full restart of the server to get things back to
a decent state.  Anyone have any advice/ideas?


Jason McIntosh
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