[rabbitmq-discuss] No response from RabbitMQ using queue_declare after 65511 responses

Sharath sharathciddu at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 18:14:17 GMT 2014


I am using the following code to test how fast queue_declare works.
After a while there are no responses back from the rabbitmq server 
(Precisely 65511). The rabbitmq server is working fine. 
What would the reason be behind this. I am attaching the code I am using to 
test it. Replace the server name appropriately.

I am sending around 1 request per millisecond.

var amqp = require('amqp');

var connection = amqp.createConnection({
host: 'xxxxxxxxx',
port: 5672,
login: 'guest',
password: 'xxxxxx',
vhost: '/'

// Wait for connection to become established.
connection.on('ready', function() {
console.log("Connection ready");
setInterval(checkSize, 1);

connection.on('error', function() {
console.log("Connection error");

var count = 0;
var callsMade = 0;
var callsResponseReceived = 0;

function checkSize() {
var time = (new Date()).getTime();
console.log("Calls made",callsMade);
connection.queue('hippocrates', {
passive: true
}, function(a, b, c) {
console.log("Calls response obtained",callsResponseReceived);
console.log("Times", (Utilities.getCurrentTime() - time), b, c, count);

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