[rabbitmq-discuss] [RUBY AMPQ] SSL LOGIN ERROR EXTERNAL login refused

Simon MacMullen simon at rabbitmq.com
Tue Apr 29 10:59:45 BST 2014

On 29/04/2014 10:13, Loganathan Sellapa wrote:
> Thanks, I can able to connect with RabbitMq. Also I hope password in the
> below line is rabbitMq password right?
> openssl pkcs12 -export -out keycert.p12 -in cert.pem -inkey key.pem
> -passout pass:*MySecretpassword (I replaced with guest user password)*
> *
> *

No, that's the password OpenSSL should use for the output file. Unless 
OpenSSL ignores it in that context, I'm not sure.

Certificate passwords and RabbitMQ passwords have nothing to do with 
each other. And when using EXTERNAL auth you don't need RabbitMQ 
passwords at all.

Cheers, Simon

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