[rabbitmq-discuss] Cannot start RabbitMQ server

77 ears 77.ears at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 06:01:37 BST 2014

I cannot get RabbitMQ server started after configured the two nodes cluster.

The error message is not much and unclear. Any help is appreciated.

Status of node 'rabbit at qot-job-02' ...
Error: unable to connect to node 'rabbit at qot-job-02': nodedown


attempted to contact: ['rabbit at xxx-xxx-01']

rabbit at xxx-xxx-01:
  * rabbit seems not to be running at all
  * no other nodes on xxx-xxx-01

current node details:
- node name: 'rabbitmqctl21253 at xxx-xxx-01'
- home dir: /var/lib/rabbitmq
- cookie hash: 8fSuUG9sekKrk+JdL5S4VQ==
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