[rabbitmq-discuss] Exclusive consumers via STOMP

Nagy, Attila bra at fsn.hu
Thu Apr 24 09:22:13 BST 2014


I need exclusive consumer functionality via STOMP in a federated (queue) 
broker environment (I know it can't be perfect in the case of a network 
split, but I could handle that in a lower level).
I've just found this message:

BTW, ActiveMQ's same functionality is described here:
and here for STOMP:
(activemq.exclusive subscribe header)

I've tried it with a durable queue. I could successfully subscribe to 
the queue from two machines and instances of the same consumer via STOMP 
and got messages (round robin) to each of them, regardless I've 
specified exclusive: True in the subscribe frame.
I'm using 3.3.0.
Wasn't this implemented?

And if this would be implemented: would it be possible to implement it 
in a way that it works with queue federation?
Like other brokers can't consume from the queue if the local broker has 
a consumer active.
If that disconnects, and one of the remote brokers have a consumer, it 
would be able to consume.


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