[rabbitmq-discuss] The meaning of latency in the PerfTest module

Rouzbeh Farahmand Rouzbeh.Farahmand at Desire2Learn.com
Wed Apr 23 14:40:17 BST 2014

Thanks, very much. We will update our definition of latency in our benchmarking accordingly. 


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On 21/04/2014 22:09, Rouzbeh Farahmand wrote:
> Do we mean the time that it takes to publish a message to a queue and 
> consume the same message from the same queue? . ( i.e. latency  = 
> wall-time of sending the message by publisher - wall-time of receiving 
> by the consumer)

This one. Note that you get latency numbers out of PerfTest when you have a producer and a consumer, but you don't have to use publisher confirms.

Cheers, Simon

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