[rabbitmq-discuss] Federated queues with durable topic subscriptions over STOMP and ACLs

Nagy, Attila bra at fsn.hu
Fri Apr 18 10:11:09 BST 2014


I use (shared) durable subscriptions to topics via STOMP, which I would 
like to federate between rabbitmq nodes with the semantics offered by 
queue federation and durable topics.
And I would like to use SSL certificate based ACLs for those topics, so 
a given user should only access /topic/routing.key (eg: can only read or 
write from/to /topic/accounting.* or /topic/accounting.company1.# etc).

I can use SSL. I can use federation (by federating stomp-dsub queues). 
Everything works.
Except I can't use durable topics with ACLs.

What I could find so far is this post:
which states that I should use an exchange, but with that I can't use 
durable subscriptions.

Is this possible somehow with rabbitmq?
It seems the only missing piece here is to extend permissions to routing 
Or is there another way to do this, without topics?


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