[rabbitmq-discuss] Ready, Unacked and Total messages of Queues

Michael Klishin mklishin at gopivotal.com
Tue Apr 15 07:01:00 BST 2014

On 15 April 2014 at 09:52:51, AJ (juno at algorithmictradinggroup.com) wrote:
> > Would anyone please kindly explain more on the 'Ready', 'Unacked'  
> and 'Total' messages of a queue?
> I have a number of .NET applications communicating to each other  
> with RabbitMQ.
> Unfortunately, randomly happens, some of the queues are having  
> high # in Total and Unacked, and some of the queues are having high#  
> in Ready and Total.
> I do not know under what situations will the queues having these  
> 2 different situations? So that I can trace to the application  
> code and see if there are anything wrong with the code.

Messages delivered by RabbitMQ to consumers can be acknowledged automatically
(as soon as they are sent out) or manually using IModel#BasicAck.

You decide which mode to use. Unacknowledged messages are delivered but
not yet acknowledged. If the consumer(s) processing them fails, the messages
will be requeued.

“Ready” messages are not delivered and simply sitting in a queue.
Total = ready + unacknowledged. 

See http://www.rabbitmq.com/tutorials/tutorial-two-dotnet.html.

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