[rabbitmq-discuss] Recover cluster from crash

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Mon Apr 14 14:04:30 BST 2014


we are testing RabbitMQ for future replace MSMQ. Someday ago we had a crash 
with one node. Cluster is build with 3 nodes HA on Windows machines - 
RabbitMQ instances are services. This node has been reinstalled. After this 
cluster failed to start. Now on other two machines we get information that 
can not connect to other nodes. We tried set enviroment variable RABBITMQ_NODE_ONLY, 
run service and executed command to remove node "rabbitmqctl 
forget_cluster_node --offline xxx at nodeName". On running this command we get 
information that node is not found "Error: {not_a_cluster_node,"The node 
selected is not in the cluster."}" what to do with this? We don't want to 
reinstall all. If we start it normally we get exception in log that:


*Error description:   {error,{inconsistent_cluster,"Node rabbit at X thinks 
it's clustered with node rabbit at Y, but rabbit at Y..."}}*

Please help us.
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