[rabbitmq-discuss] CRL support & verify_fun

Dmitry Malinovsky dmalinovsky at thumbtack.net
Fri Apr 11 11:28:02 BST 2014


I need help with a custom verify_fun to have an ability to read CRL pem 
file and validate client certificates (since RabbitMQ/Erlang does not 
support it).

I'm not Erlang programmer (I'm more about Python), and I have some troubles 
with understanding things.
Documentation says that I can specify a custom verify_fun this way:
{verify_fun, {Module, Function}}

Where should I put my Module (e.g. mymod.beam) contains Function (e.g. 
check_crl/1) to make sure that RabbitMQ will find and use this Module? 
Should I specify Function's arity in the config file?

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