[rabbitmq-discuss] Rabbit MQ Crash

Michael Sander mes65 at cornell.edu
Mon Apr 7 22:06:31 BST 2014

Hi Matthias,

I don't automatically update anything.  The only cron jobs I have are those
that start the rabbitmq service.  In theory, they shouldn't do anything
because rabbitmq should already be running.  (I only have them in the event
there is a rabbitmq crash).

The logs I sent were just snippets. I will send complete logs, but I am not
in front of a terminal and it will take me another 3 or 4 hours.

I am using a relatively memory-limited machine (n1-highcpu-2 on google
compute engine, details
and there's a possibility that I ran out of memory at some point, but I did
not see any direct evidence of that.

I greatly appreciate you looking into this.


Michael Sander

On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 4:58 PM, Matthias Radestock <matthias at rabbitmq.com>wrote:

> On 07/04/14 21:22, Michael Sander wrote:
>> Those timestamps seem accurate.  They are in UTC, so it was really
>> around 6AM ET (where I am).  Those were in the sasl logs, I couldn't
>> find anything interesting in the normal rabbitmq log at the same time.
> Did you post the *entire* contents of the SASL log?
>  Where else should I be looking for relevant logging info?
> The sasl and normal log is all we need.
>  Also, is this crash really due to the disk monitor? It seems like if
>> there is a problem with the disk monitor, it shouldn't take down all of
>> rabbitmq.
> Quite, but the odd thing here is that this appears to be a transient
> error. Rabbit will disable disk monitoring when it fails on startup,
> whereas the situation here is that disk monitoring works initially and then
> fails at some point. When that happens rabbit will attempt to restart the
> disk monitor, and if that fails a few times *then* it will die.
> We have some suspicion that the underlying cause might be a system update,
> in particular one that installs/updates Erlang. So it is worth checking
> that what cron jobs might be running on your system at 6am.
> Matthias.
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