[rabbitmq-discuss] Dynamic Shovel and HA with 3.3

Viswanathan Ramachandran vish.ramachandran at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 21:48:55 BST 2014


I have a bunch of questions on HA + shoveling.

In our setup, we plan to shovel from one cluster with HA queues to another
cluster with HA queues as well.

1. Is this possible with dynamic shovels? I read that shovel queues would
be created with no args, so ha-policy may not be possible.

2. If the source queues (in the local exchange) mentioned in the dynamic
shovels are pre-created with x-ha-policy = all argument is it a valid

3. Or is it necessary to set a HA policy for the pre-created queue from
which messages would be shoveled?

4. If master fails in an HA queue consumed by shovel in slave, will shovel
take care of re-consumption from new queue? With the 3.3 enhancement of
clients not needing to reconsume, I guess this should work seamlessly with
shovels as well?

5. Dynamic shovels don't allow detailed configuration. Are the queues
declared configured for no loss in messages? Namely durable, acknowledge on
explicit confirm etc?

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